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You want to develop your own games? Realize your the great idea? Do not wait any longer! Start now and become a game developer. Build your dream game in less than 24 hours!

Over 15+ years as programmer and over 4+ years especially in Unity

Programming has always been my passion and has become my profession. How did I get there? Of course through games. I bought my first computer because of gaming and over the years I have developed my own games again and again. Now I bring others to your own games to realize ideas.

  • Game Development with Unity
  • Web Development
  • Design Patterns
  • Agile Development
  • Game Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Software Architecture


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The core concept, the idea behind and also the editor and the company behind it.

Game Design

How to design a game, build the rules, creating worlds, stories and make it fun.


The basics of C# programming and all Unity specific stuff.

Publishing your own Game!

How to build and release your game for all common platforms and make money with it.

Thinking like a Game Developer

The mindset that is needed as a game developer.

Design Patterns

Reusable best practices for game design and programming.

Dimension Defenders - In Development

A Idle/Clicker game with RPG elements that focus on Mobile Gaming (iOS and Android) and also Web (WebGL).

Fight as a member of the Guardians, a proud and ancient civilization, against evil in the universe. Portals allow you to travel between worlds and fight your opponents everywhere. Win fame and honor for your efforts, become the most powerful guardian of all time, and defeat the dark forces.